Mobile Lighting Tower Generators

Mobile lighting tower offer the customers lighting solutions.These lighting solutions are cost effective and durable thus ensuring high efficiency level. The towers can be adjusted with extendable height so that it can provide the light as per the requirements of the customers.

The towers are compact so it is easy to transport them from one location to another.These towers offer best quality materials, they are easy to install , available at competitive prices with high performance.

The available options in mobile lighting tower are:
  • 4*200 watts LED DOB powered by 5 kVA diesel genset
  • 4*300 watts LED DOB powered by 5 kvA diesel genset
  • 6*200 watts LED DOB powered by 5 kVA diesel genset

The mast height which is available are 6 metre, 9 metre, 12 metre.400 watts and 1000 watts metal halide lamp option is available.

The mobile lighting towers are now widely used in many industries such as airports, cement plants,infrastructure projects,refineries, SEZ projects, metro rail projects, power plant , solar power and wind power projects, steel plants, railways,defence, mining,highways, tunnels, canals and power transmission projects.

It is the most required technology in every sectors as the exterior airport lighting is controlled by the light towers for high efficiency especially for short works like aircraft maintenance. Cement plants , infrastructure projects , refineries and SEZ projects, power plant need lighting towers as during night time sufficient light is needed for the workers .These lights guide the workers in a proper manner for the proper functioning.

Mining , highways , tunnels, canals,steel plants, railways are some of the major sectors which uses mobile lighting tower in large numbers. The 360 degree rotational facility of the tower helps to a great extent as in all of these places light is needed at every corner as these are very sensitive zone areas.

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