Hybrid generators

Hybrid generators are energy efficient systems .These are specifically designed for the telecom sites. Hybrid generators has the feature of saving 30-50% fuel when compared to traditional generators.The basic features which the hybrid generators have are :

  • Maximum continuous output: 12.5kW @ 2500 RPM
  • 260 Amps @ 56 V dc to 48 V dc
  • Variable Speed Operation from 1750 to 2500 RPM
  • Lower Engine Speed options available
  • 3 Cylinder diesel, Water cooled
  • Engine Operational life : 8000 to 12000 Hrs
  • Temperature compensated battery charging
  • Temperature compensated protection for whole unit operation

It provide precise engine speed control with an abundant amount of external control features. The robust controller provides an economical means for providing analog and switched input signals to control the actuators and relaying in providing control for various engine setups.

The control board is able to self check for the faulty sensors or actuators, report faults and correct or compensate for minor faults.There is also flexibility for customization and installation.

The properties which these generators have is its high quality,great quality material,self exciting system.

Most of the common applications of the hybrid generator are :

  • Telecom sites
  • Rural mini-grids
  • Remote locations
  • Military and emergency relief applications
  • Railways
  • APU- Auxiliary Power Unit


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