Electric rickshaws

Electric Rickshaw provides efficient use of energy and saves money. These rickshaws are helpful in cutting down the air pollution and noise pollution.Electric rickshaw are the future vehicles to be used as it helps in preservation of the environment. In electric rickshaw, there is rechargeable batteries, these batteries provide traction power for the movement for the electric rickshaw .

The electric rickshaws are one of the fastest growing vehicles in the developing countries and we use battery which has a longer shelf life.

The maintenance costs of EVs are lower compared to conventional vehicles and the vehicles which run on electricity require less maintenance.These rickshaws are known for their outstanding quality, technical superiority and is customized according to the application, maintenance conditions and precise requirements.

They are called as green vehicle as being cost effective, they are easy to run and maintain.We as a manufacturer understands the complete requirements of the customer and the environmental needs ,the electric rickshaws are manufactured as per that requirement.

Innova Diesel

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